What is Focus Fitness?

Objective of Focus Fitness is to carefully guide people with support, encouragement and understanding through a process/task of change, growth and personal development; physically, mentally and emotionally.

How does it work?

Focus Fitness follows an unique approach of Coaching and Training.


Focus Fitness will help you to:
  • Develop a focused and sustained attention
  • Perform better
  • Respond more appropriately
  • Develop a better awareness
  • Make better decisions
  • Be able to get on task more easily
  • Be able to stay on task longer (sustainability)
  • Be able turn off more easily (resiliency)
  • Learn better
  • Be more calm and focused
  • Have more energy
  • More clarity
  • HeartSmart┬« more

Who can benefit?

  1. Performance enhancement in business, sports, and the arts. Tasking-learn how to efficiently and effortlessly get on task, stay on task(sustainability) and get off of task (resilience).
  2. Meditation, reflection and calming of the body, mind and emotions. Learn how to let go, calm down, reflect or even meditate. When achieved this state can be an experience that can be invigorating, energizing and clarifying. If this state can not achieved it can be a daunting, intimidating, frustrating, overwhelming or seemingly unattainable experience. With the assistance of the tools and methods provided and used in this training and coaching, a calm state of calm can be achieved without frustration.
  3. Education and learning. Learn how to focus, pay attention and absorb effortlessly and effectively. It is not through force that one learns but by being in a state that one can absorb and retain effortlessly and efficiently.

Have a look at the testimonial page to see who my clients are and what they think.

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